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RECRUIT Job opening type

A Badass Engineer

Job Description

"Mamoru Biz" is to reduce unproductive work though QR code and app.
Using QR and authentication technology, you can easily manage seats, schedule appointments, manage company equipment, and send mail.
We are looking forward to further evolving these services and developing new features. We are looking for a developer who can be entrusted with the development of microservices.


  • Collaborate with product managers, designers and engineers to deliver high-quality frontend components and backend services
  • Participate in and contribute to the planning processes to design products that fit within business and technical constraints
  • Respond quickly and independently to the rapidly changing needs of users
  • Develop and optimize both backend and frontend service and infrastructure

Application Requirements

  • Experience in mid- to large-scale service development and operations including infrastructure (more than three years)
  • Whole system architecture design (more than three years)
  • Development and operation experience in a cloud or virtual environment
  • Experience developing systems using server side languages (C++, PHP, Ruby, Java, Python, Go, etc.) (more than five years)
  • Experience in design and operation of database infrastructure (SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL) (more than three years)
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Proficiency of JavaScript / TypeScript, CSS, or HTML and experience with modern frontend frameworks (React, Vue, Svelte, etc) is a plus

Desired Qualifications

  • Applicant who can strongly relate to Colorkrew's Mission, Vision, and Spirits
  • Contribute and communicate ideas within a team efficiently
  • Possess strong logical thinking
  • Positive and optimistic
  • Possess strong leadership


  • Determined by taking experience, skills, and performance into account
  • Salary revision 4 times a year
  • Trial period: (same conditions) 3 months

Working Hours

Flextime (Core time 10:00 to 14:00)

Holiday / Vacation, Others

Full five-day work week (Saturday & Sunday off), public holidays, summer and winter holidays, annual paid leave, special leave
Various insurances, indoor principle non-smoking (smoking room available)

Selection Process

  1. Solveour coding challenge
  2. Document screening
  3. Personal interview (several rounds possible)
  4. Final interview with the CEO
  5. Job offer
  • The above are subject to change depending on circumstances.


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