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Working at Colorkrew

The Colorkrew mission ‟Create and Spread Enjoyment‟ is deeply valued by all members of the team.
This is not the work of one lone genius, but each member of the team as a whole.
Having your own way of thinking, your own opinions, and the courage to give them voice.
Reaching for your goal together with your colleagues, and realizing your maximum potential.
That is what it means to work at Colorkrew.

To make this way of working a reality, you must have the desire to accomplish your goal.
It is essential to have the courage to make decisions, build accountability, and take on critical risks.
The higher you aim, the steeper your path becomes.
But if you really want to accomplish something, the excitement of conquering the unknown will propel you up that steep path.
You cannot change the world merely by following in the footsteps of others.
If you aren`t tackling new challenges, you are never going to be inspired.
Colorkrew warmly welcomes anyone who is ready to face new challenges head-on.

Colorkrew Recruiter Kiyo

Team Colorkrew's Concept

Create and Spread Enjoyment
Let’s Go Inspire the World

Open all information without boundaries. We ALL speak-out, no exceptions.

Stay Uncomfortable
To create values yet to be available in the world. To continuously grow, to be self-responsible, and to have fun, always.

One person’s hardship is all of our hardship. Support one another in times of need on any given day as One Team.

From its founding in 1999, Colorkrew has had a mission of bringing fun. Starting with digital contents distribution, it became a behind the scenes player in internet services. Providing payment solutions, server set-up and management, customer support, etc.
Colorkrew is no longer content to be just a behind the scenes player. Designing and delivering radical new services that will change the world.
Our vision is to "Let’s Go Inspire the World" "Goalous", the SNS service that connects you through goals, is just one example. Colorkrew is tackling new challenges in uncharted waters.

Let’s do it together!

Various mechanisms to support growth

To level-up the performance of Team Colorkrew, each individual must hone their own skills. With this in mind, Colorkrew is a place where each individual can face their own challenges and grow.

Open & Flat Model

Open & Flat Model

Colorkrew's model is super flat. Positions: none. Hierarchy: none.
Colorkrew has no use for positions that are only about managing other people. There is no need to be chained to one department.
It's an environment for challenges regardless of age, nationality, or academic background.
Everyone shows their value as a player on the same team.
Put your efforts out in the open. This is the Colorkrew way.
Expose yourself to different points of view. Gain insights that could not be made from your experience and common sense alone.
When information is in the open, you can understand what others are thinking, what choices others will make and why.
Know your partner. Know your situation. This open thinking is the framework that leads to collaboration.

The Value of being a challenger

The Value of being a challenger

Even if there is an environment where challenges can be taken, how many people will actually take the initiative?
Challenges come with risks.
If you fail, you may be criticized by others, and as a result, your motivation may decrease.
In order to be able to take on challenges, you need to be able to free yourself of your anxiety.
That is why to share the same values, we try to develop a culture where failure is something everyone can learn from.

<Challenger Rankings>
1.Those who challenge, and succeed
2.Those who challenge, but fail
3.Those who do not challenge themselves, but assist others with their challenges
4.Those who do nothing
5.Those who only criticize others

Coach System

Coach System

There are many coaches to choose from at Colorkrew, many who are self-nominated.
A coach is someone who can compassionately support the growth of others.
Some people might think "Coach? I don`t need a coach!" However, we believe that an outside perspective can make a huge impact on personal growth.
Self-awareness is essential for personal growth and improvement.
However, doing this by yourself is a difficult feat. It is said that only 10-15% of people are able to recognize where they have grown and how they must grow. This is why an outside perspective is key in providing the necessary feedback.
That is why Colorkrew has a Coach System.
With a coach, you can gain perspectives that you may not have had before. These new perspectives will lead to new growth.
As the coaching cycle continues, the organization as a whole experiences accellerated growth.


Regardless of whether you are a new or recent graduate or even an experienced professional, Colorkrew is focused on recruiting talented members all year long.
If you’re passionate about creating services that make the world more fun and also looking to improve your skills, then you should apply with us.

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