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Before we can "Create and Spread Enjoyment", we must first find joy in the work that we do.
At Colorkrew, there is a sense of playfulness in the office.
The pictures of our workspace will introduce you to the working environments at Colorkrew as well as the styles of work that take place within them.


Working room
There are no dress codes, and no assigned seating.
Joyful studio
We hold events, such as Meetups or End of the Year Parties in the Joyful Studio.
We often invite clients, and use the space in a variety of ways. Feel free to grab a drink at the bar after work. Fridays are free for all.
This is our communal break and meeting space. Various seminars and lectures are hosted by employees here.
"Topic Sharing” Weekly Report Meetings are also held here on Mondays.
Need to take a break? Want to work in private? Private booths are also available for employees to use freely.
Meeting Place
When you have completed working on your main tasks for the day, 20% of your free time is yours to use as you please.
You could participate in challenge projects created voluntarily, discuss new business proposals... the possibilities are endless!
Remote Work
Home. Co-Working Space. Overseas. Choose a working style that fits your lifestyle.
* Due to the influence of COVID-19, employees are basically working from home.


Regardless of whether you are a new or recent graduate or even an experienced professional, Colorkrew is focused on recruiting talented members all year long.
If you’re passionate about creating services that make the world more fun and also looking to improve your skills, then you should apply with us.

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