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湯川 啓太


Keita Yukawa

Joined 2014

After graduating from university in 2008, I joined a venture capital company and after that, I moved to the IT field. I am well-versed in investment and management strategy design.
I started my career with Colorkrew as a sales representative before transitioning to the Project Team Leader of Colorkrew’s public cloud platform, “Kuramane”. Colorkrew is now concentrating on representing the presence of companies in a rapidly growing market.
Besides Kuramane, I am also involved in recruiting. I am known for asking tricky interview questions that get applicants to reveal genuine answers.
When it comes to food, my favorite is a Japanese dish is called “Umesuishou” which uses Japanese plum.

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Getting over my big-headedness

When I joined the venture capital field, I started out finding new firms to perform due diligence analysis and provided support to operations after the investment had taken place. As a financial supervisor, I was responsible for raising funds and setting up management strategies. The work was fun and rewarding. I had confidence that I could achieve more all on my own.
Then, I started working in sales at Colorkrew.
Now that I think of it, working here probably opened my eyes to just how big-headed I was.

Reality of the business frontlines

Working in sales is just the other side of venture capitalism.
A venture capitalist collects proposals and strategically invests in those with promising growth, versus sales where you are the one proposing why a company should invest in your products.
Rather than selecting the investment, it’s about selling to the investor – your customers. But sales is about more making proposals. You have to be creative, tell a story, bridge the gap between consumers and why they need what you are selling. This feat is not something one can accomplish alone.

Not only do we have to connect with our customers, but also with other people in the company. It forces us to learn the reality of the business frontlines, and when we work together through different situations, everything becomes very exciting.

A dynamic and sudden change in the IT world makes everything thrilling and interesting.

The public cloud market is rapidly changing.
This month's brand new architecture can be out of date the next.
If we do not make daily progress on services, we will be left behind.
This business has no perfect winner. The world offers both opportunities and risks.

There is no other market where the conditions and winners are changing as dynamically as today's IT industry in Japan.
It is very interesting and exciting to think about how to win the game, but to reach that point, we have to think about what we can do.

To reach that point, we have to think of what we can do.
One strategy is to create a highly supportive culture where everyone is motivated and encouraged by one another at work.
Another strategy to not fall behind while supporting your team. You also must discover new things and continue to stay motivated.

These are the current challenges.

If you want to go far, go together!

I have changed so much since I started working at Colorkrew.
I think that teamwork is amazing.

In my previous job, I was always focused on my individual work. I even believed that an individual could perform better than a team.
However, after experiencing the power of teamwork, my thinking and approach have progressively changed.

For example, when you think of a new business, ideas become limited even if you have knowledge and experience and have gathered the right information.
The more challenging a problem becomes, the less progress is achieved by just one person.
The way to surpass one person’s idea is to better understand each other’s point of view. When someone says something, that idea is passed to others on the team who bring in more ideas. This kind of chain generates great power!
If you get this kind of results over and over, you will not be able to disregard the power of teamwork.

I am sure of it.

If you want to go fast, go alone!
If you want to go far, go together!

Our message to you

If you agree with the vision and mission of Colorkrew and know what you want to do by exerting effort, you can be assured that the working environment at Colorkrew is good.

If you think that the way you work is different from the conventional way of working, you will feel that in Japan you are defeated even though there is room for improvement. If you know that you are great and you want to bring a new wave to create new things, join us!

Keita Yukawa message
Let’s do it together!
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Regardless of whether you are a new or recent graduate or even an experienced professional, Colorkrew is focused on recruiting talented members all year long.
If you’re passionate about creating services that make the world more fun and also looking to improve your skills, then you should apply with us.

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