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2017/7/11 at Colorkrew office

Natch! Open Management opens up the Future.

Part 1 "Holacracy Management And Super Flat Management"
Part 2 "Straight Talk: Payroll and Performance Review"
Part 3 "The Future We Are Aiming For"

Part 3 "The Future We Are Aiming For"


Diamond Media follows the Rules of Nature

Our time is just about up. To wrap up, could you please tell me what initiatives that you and Diamond Media are planning to put into action? Where would you like to take the company?
In terms of operations, I want to create processes that are easily reproducible; this is including the share system for the company. Regarding the business side of the equation, I want to create a new market that our competitors aren't currently in. Entering the market itself is difficult, so I want to take the time to construct a really excellent service.
At Diamond Media, business plan, corporate philosophy, mission and vision, any type of thing that could be called a creed is non-existent. I think that a company is like a plant, it will just grow on its own. I want to remove things that will disturb or block that growth and leave only the essentials of what really should be worked on.
With that in mind, for this type of management, if you don't produce real results, the world isn't going to pay any attention to your message. So, we also want to be focused on real concrete results going forward.
In those terms, your thinking regarding management is different than so called "visionary companies.”
Correct. I want to create an environment where we follow the natural course of things.
You could probably say that in itself is a vision, but we certainly are not hanging a slogan up that says "in this industry, our company going forward, is going to do this”, nor will we.
If you manage an organization naturally, letting people be the way that they are, that organization will then naturally create things that have value.
You are able to provide things that the world really needs, you won't create unnecessary things because of your ego. The process is important. I want to continue to work with everyone together in this process to create really superb services and products."

For Colorkrew to realize its Vision

Your thinking is a bit different from mine. I feel like there is something that we should be aiming for.
Our aim comes from Colorkrew's mission, vision and mid-term vision. They give us a broad outline of the direction the company is heading in. Going to work thinking "This is the way we are going to change the world!" That passion is really necessary; it is the reason we are gathered together as a company.
Of course, we will happily incorporate anything extra that comes about as we head to that vision.
Yes, that is also one approach to the problem.
The management issue facing Colorkrew now, is how to make our management move from a V-shape recovery to the next accelerated step in growth. In order for Colorkrew to remain Flat, Open, and Fun, we all must become stronger ourselves.
To fulfill the mission/vision of Colorkrew, we must have a team that can have fun, yet be serious with their work. In today's conversation, we've gotten to know in depth what we have in common and our differences. It's been very informative. Thank you for your time.
Thank you very much.

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