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RECRUIT Job opening type

Super Duper Students

Employment and Job Entry Period

We accept applications year-round regardless of academic year or month of beginning employment.

Job Description

Be involved with ongoing projects at Colorkrew, which include infrastructure-related projects such as the construction and managemnt of cores and servers in purchasing systems, and front end-related projects such as the development of web systems.As Colorkrew is engaged in work in a variety of fields, it is possible to challenge yourself in services that range from planning to design and development.。

Desired Qualifications

  • (note)Since the impact of COVID-19 on entry is unclear, we currently only accept applications from residents in Japan.
  • Applicant who can strongly relate to Colorkrew's Mission, Vision, and Spirits
  • Contribute and communicate ideas within a team efficiently
  • Possess strong logical thinking
  • Positive and optimistic
  • Possess strong leadership


  • Determined by taking experience, skills, and performance into account
  • Salary revision twice or more a year
  • Trial period: (same conditions) 3 months

Working Hours

Flextime (Core time 10:00 to 15:00)

Holiday / Vacation,Others

Full five-day work week (Saturday & Sunday off), public holidays, summer and winter holidays, annual paid leave, special leave
Various insurances, indoor principle non-smoking (smoking room available)

Selection Process

  1. Company introduction application
  2. Document screening
  3. Personal interviewseveral rounds possible
  4. Final interviewwith the CEO
  5. Job offer
  • The above are subject to change depending on circumstances.


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