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小泉 介更


Yoshinobu Koizumi

Joined 2001

In 1985, after graduating from university he joined a certain electric maker, changed to an internet provider in the dawn of 1996, then changed to Colorkrew after twists and turns, or more exactly the company itself changed, so it would be more accurate to say that his registration was transferred.
After joining Colorkrew, he experienced various positions: first he became in charge of the Internet provider business, and then of the billing settlement business, the infrastructure business, the customer support for the game industry, etc. After that, he did a 6-months business trip in India (Bangalore) to support the management department of the group company.
After returning to Japan, after six months of web development project, he turned 56 years old and shifted to a sales position. Currently he is active as a salesman.

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About working at Colorkrew

Yesterday (2018/6/14) there was a seminar in the company.
Around 20 external customers participated. I was in charge of taking pictures so I welcomed the customers with a big camera hanging from my neck.

Then, the customer who invited me said made a strange face and said: "Koizumi-san, are you in charge of taking pictures?". I did not understand the intent of his question for a while.

Koizumi = photographer → weird? Koizumi (who is probably important based on his age) = photographer → impossible! That’s what I finally thought afterwards.

Colorkrew is “Super Flat Model” so no one cares about who is supposed to be important.
There is no problem for an elderly person to be in charge of taking pictures.
I am always ready to work on the front. It might sound weird to people who work in an ordinary company, but as for me, I feel very thankful about it.

In an ordinary company, the more you become important the more you become far from the site (that’s not true for all people but for most), you start to lose your skills and your knowledge gradually becomes obsolete. Or you get asked to do trivial tasks, and start losing motivation as you repeat them. Surely, aging progresses both mentally and physically.
Just thinking about it makes me feel horrified.

At Colorkrew, everyone is expected to take on challenges and keep growing regardless of age and sex. It is also the case in technical jobs as well as in language. You can’t afford to stagnate even temporarily.

I haven’t heard of la lot of a companies that gives opportunities to work so healthily and positively.
The world continues to change regardless of what you think. It is tough to catch up with it with your own will only.
Every day I am grateful about the fact that the company in which I spent most part of my life is a company like that.

What I want to do at Colorkrew

I am currently working as a salesman at Colorkrew.
It was a challenge to experience working in sales for the first time at 56 years old.

To be honest, it was not my own choice to start this occupation.
But it would have hurt my pride to refuse and just say “I can’t do it”.

In this kind of moments, surprisingly, pride is useful.
To put things bluntly, I also need to feed my family so I can’t ask too much. Well, in Japan it’s like that for most fathers around my age.
I want to become a star among these fathers (before becoming a star in the sky).

There is one more thing that also pushed me to take on the challenge of sales: Colorkrew’s organization culture based on MVS(Mission,Vision,Spirits).

In Colorkrew’S spirit there is: “Challenge what’s new out there”.
This is the kind of slogan that you may see in a lot of companies.
But in most of them it means “Challenge is important” and, having said that, means that failure is a disaster. Hence, employees cannot take on challenges carelessly.
At Colorkrew, dealing with this problem quickly, we are thorough with the idea of valuing people that take on challenges even if they fail more than people that don’t take on challenges at all.

When I just became a salesman, first I set “trying to sell all the categories of services proposed by Colorkrew” as a sales goal.
Fortunately, this goal is now almost reached.

From now on, I want to take on a new challenge which will consist in making and selling services that don’t exist yet at Colorkrew or in the society.
I would be glad if I could provide a service as repayment for the company and for the society (including my customers in priority) that have made me grown.

Our message to you

“A picture is worth a thousand words​”.

If you feel interested even slightly, please don’t hesitate to visit us. Even if you don’t work at Colorkrew, knowing more about a company like Colorkrew will definitely be a useful experience.

Yoshinobu Koizumi message
Let’s do it together!
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