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小柴 貴生

Human Resources

Kiyo Koshiba

Joined 2014

After graduating from university in 2009, she started her career as an accountant at an electronic manufacturer.
She switched to the accounting department of Colorkrew and moved to HR in Fall 2016.
In addition to recruiting, she has been involved in general HR tasks such as job ranking and personnel evaluation system.

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What I found out at Colorkrew.

We have minimum rules at Colorkrew.
When I switched to Colorkrew as an accountant, I was confused since the rules I relied on much at my ex-work were not respected at all.At that time I was thinking that Colorkrew was an unserious company. But after a short while I found out that it is much easier for a company to control everything with a lot of rules.

Colorkrew is a company which expects you to challenge.
If you keep performing the way it has always been performed until now, you cannot survive.

The fact that you have few regulations or no example from the past means that you should decide every time by thinking by yourself.
Looking at the way my colleagues from the accounting department at Colorkrew work, I realized that I had never worked by thinking by myself.

I also failed when I changed to HR.
The project leader at that time handed me tons of materials regarding management and told me to think through. However, I had no idea what to do after I had read all the materials.

Until then I didn’t’ think that I would be unable to work without any concrete instruction, so I was shocked.
Every day I was suffering and said to myself, “I know I should do something, but don’t know what.”
Nevertheless, I could not have developed myself from staff level if I had not got the management’s point of view.
I am grateful to the project leader who gave me the chance to think thorough properly at that time.

If you have a belief, you can become stronger.

At Colorkrew, we often make some changes in the regulations. Although these changes are implemented to make things better, there are arguments for and against among the employees.
Since HR has an impact on the whole company, I receive a lot of opinions and different points of views.
There are also very severe comments. Facing such opinions, it can be very difficult to proceed to implement the plan if you are not 100% sure in your mind.

However, you will never fail if you have a strong belief in yourself.
Even though it seems not easy, you can go forward by accepting the reactions and views of others.

I have learned such toughness at Colorkrew.

The pleasure created as a team.

I was very happy when our recruiting site was set up. It was one of the good things I had at Colorkrew.

At that time we only had a corporate site, but not a recruiting site.
Looking back on my experience, I wish I knew more information about Colorkrew before I switched.
Besides, working as a recruiter for new graduates, I knew that students were using PCs and smartphones to search company information. Every time I met such students I thought we definitely need a recruiting site.

However, I had never built a website by myself.
After a trial-and-error phase I finally managed to release the website on time.

There were a lot of people who supported me; those who thought up the purpose of the website together and taught me how to drop in the wireframe, those who joined the internal interview, those who took pictures, those who raised the design and coded, those who implemented the functions.
As the website was finished, I was really impressed how great the cooperation of the team was.
On the other hand, I realized I should be tough when I work in a team. You must have not only the strong will to achieve the goal, but also your own strength if you want to be useful for the team.

Thus, you can learn a lot and you can feel a lot of human emotions at Colorkrew. You win some, you lose some, but you can feel that your heart is moving.
Therefore, my job is fun.

Our message to you

No one will boost you much, but no one will bother you a lot. This is my personal impression about Colorkrew.
Hence, those who are just waiting and expect that the company will do something for you may not be suitable for Colorkrew.
If you can develop yourself through learning by yourself, you can work in very relaxed way. In addition, you will have the bonds of your colleagues to support you and you will be able to support them.

If you are interested in Colorkrew, pleased contact us. Let’s have a talk!
I also wrote a message at “CULTURE”,so please look if you like.

Kiyo Koshiba message
Let’s do it together!
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